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13277 4857d 13h cbradney / Bump about date  
13276 4858d 12h cbradney / Set NoRole on scripter menu items - stops text heuristic moving scripterAboutScript to the About menu item position on OSX. Fix Run Script dialog title  
13275 4858d 13h cbradney / #7853: Add Tomas Mecir to contributors list  
13274 4858d 13h cbradney / Fix occur(r)ed typos  
13273 4858d 13h fschmid / Once again for Qt-4.5.0, possible fix for the problems with the de_DE-UTF-8 locale.  
13272 4859d 12h cbradney / merge desaxe digester line to remove warning  
13271 4859d 13h fschmid / Fixed Bug #7849: "Scrolling/painting speed is slow", Part 2  
13270 4859d 13h fschmid / Fixed non active widget in the "Group" tab of the Properties Palette.  
13269 4859d 13h cbradney / Bump about date  
13268 4859d 14h fschmid / Fixed Bug #7849: "Scrolling/painting speed is slow", Part 1  
13267 4859d 14h fschmid / Fixed import and use of patterns in the .ai importer  
13266 4859d 14h cbradney / Add optional WANT_QT4MAC_COCOA CMake build parameter  
13265 4859d 14h cbradney / Fix broken temp dir, return app data dir on all platforms, and keep win32 exception  
13264 4860d 11h jghali / update fr translation  
13263 4860d 13h jghali / fix potential erroneous assignment of paragraph style  
13262 4861d 10h jghali / fix incorrect unit change in pdf and printer options tabs  
13261 4861d 12h mrdocs / bump the about date
add gregp credit
freshen the change log
13260 4861d 12h cbradney / #7852: Updated ru translaiton for 13313svn  
13259 4861d 12h cbradney / #7851: Updated ru translation  
13258 4861d 13h cbradney / Updated qm files  

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