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1434 6392d 18h tsoots / Made importing an eps image a single action  
1433 6392d 18h mrdocs / updated for 1.2.2  
1432 6392d 18h tsoots / Only set the value if it's been changed (avoid sending unnecessary undo actions).
if (oldValue == newValue)
return; // nothing to do -> return
1431 6392d 19h tsoots / Fixed usage of setUndoEnabled(). It's now safe to use:

// do your action that will not be registered in action history

Important thing now is that when ever it is set to false it's also set to true when possible. These need to be used as a pair.
1430 6392d 19h tsoots / Made enabling/disabling undo more invisible to outside UndoManager. It's safe to call setUndoEnabled(true) even if you aren't sure was the undo disabled before you called your own setUndoEnabled(false).  
1429 6393d 00h subik / prepartions for plugin manager. plugins map structure into scribusstruct.  
1428 6393d 01h fschmid / Replaced the annoying "Missing Font" Dialogs when loading a Doc with a Dialog in which you can specify all replacements at once  
1427 6393d 20h fschmid / The Outline Palette allows now to select single Objects of Groups  
1426 6393d 20h subik / removed deprecated function syntax to reduce scripter size, speed...  
1425 6393d 20h subik / #0001628: PATCH: Basic version of Qt property based scripter interface for pageitems  
1424 6393d 21h subik / #1612 move procedures  
1423 6393d 21h subik / #1612 move procedures  
1422 6393d 21h tsoots / 0001632: PATCH: add getters and properties for all existing setters in PageItem (Round 2)  
1421 6393d 21h subik / #1523 - blocking script console  
1420 6393d 22h subik / #1224 - textOverflows documentation  
1419 6393d 22h subik / #1224: textOverflow(["name"]) -> bool implemented  
1418 6393d 22h subik / alphabetical order fix  
1417 6393d 22h subik / alphabetical order fix  
1416 6394d 02h tsoots / Made image/text/polygon frame conversions undoable  
1415 6394d 08h tsoots / Font effects when applied to a text frame are now undoable  

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