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1577 6168d 19h tsoots / Fixed a bug where double formatting (f.e. Bold Italic) was ignored.  
1576 6168d 19h tsoots / Moved unzip code to the core code  
1575 6168d 21h cbradney / 1760: Update for sq translation  
1574 6168d 21h cbradney / 1760: Update for sq translation  
1573 6169d 04h craig / Added libart to required packages / dependencies  
1572 6169d 04h craig / Add Python to recommended libs/dependencies  
1571 6169d 04h craig / Add libxml2 to recommended packages / dependencies  
1570 6169d 04h craig / Fix another missing #ifdef HAVE_CMS  
1569 6169d 10h fschmid / Fixes for the psd importer and for raising and lowering objects  
1568 6169d 20h cbradney / #1744: Add in CM as a unit of measurement  
1567 6170d 11h cbradney / Remove Scripters unit conversion routines and use the global units.h version.  
1566 6170d 12h fschmid / Updated About Box and ChangeLogCVS  
1565 6170d 15h cbradney / Fix #1733: Quit shortcut key should quit from palettes too.  
1564 6170d 15h cbradney / Fix #1735 and #1737, Galician and Catalan updates  
1563 6170d 15h cbradney / Fix #1735. Update Galician translation  
1562 6170d 15h cbradney / Fix #1737, Catalan translation update  
1561 6171d 02h craig / fix missing CMS-related #ifdef.  
1560 6171d 02h craig / Initialize containerWidgetAddedTo in ScrAction constructor.  
1559 6171d 02h craig / Fix string translation (memory error), fix line wrapping
in module-level docstring, fix unicode string creation.
1558 6171d 04h craig / Add info about libtiff, set requirement at 3.6.0 as we seem to
depend on some new defines in that version.

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