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1665 6275d 00h craig / Centralise platform-specific plugin extension code lookup in
static QCString PluginManager::platformDllExtension()
1664 6275d 22h tsoots / Assigned icon to the undo target "Document"  
1663 6275d 22h tsoots / Made page deletion undoable  
1662 6276d 13h cbradney / Fix saving of Doc Item Attributes in an open doc  
1661 6276d 16h tsoots / Fixed underline issue with the importer. (Joeboy's patch #1775)  
1660 6276d 17h tsoots / Fixed underline issue with the importer. (Joeboy's patch #1775)  
1659 6276d 19h cbradney / Enable the auto addition of attributes to text and image frames on creation  
1658 6276d 22h tsoots / Made page addition undoable  
1657 6277d 02h craig / Move the other already-converted PageItem members with simple initialisers
(ie just assigning a constant) to the initializer list on PageItem.
1656 6277d 08h craig / Convert PageItem::UseContour to protected and provide accessors
PageItem::textFlowUsesContourLine(), PageItem::setTextFlowUsesContourLine()
for it. Also move text flow attrs into initializer list.
1655 6277d 11h cbradney / Page Item Attributes now get saved to SLA file for each item.  
1654 6277d 14h cbradney / Add in functions for handling extra fields and comboboxes  
1653 6277d 21h craig / PageItem::Textflow ("text flows around frame") and PageItem::Textflow2
("use bounding box") converted to protected members
with getters textFlowsAroundFrame() / textFlowUsesBoundingBox() and
matching setters.
1652 6277d 21h cbradney / Add in some more fields to DIA  
1651 6277d 22h craig / rename setTextFlow to setTextFlowsAroundFrame (verbose, but actually tells
you what it does) and add a getter in preparation for converting all access
to accessors.
1650 6278d 02h cbradney / Update DIA gui files. Page Item GUI is now functional.  
1649 6278d 09h cbradney / Make the buttons work in doc item attributes.  
1648 6278d 09h mrdocs / first commit to 1.2  
1647 6278d 10h mrdocs / more langs  
1646 6278d 10h fschmid / Improved "Extended Image Properties Dialog" layers can now switched off and changed in their opacity and blend mode  

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