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18445 3269d 11h jghali / #11719: Incorrect display of guide lines depending on zoom level  
18444 3269d 11h jghali / #11719: Incorrect display of guide lines depending on zoom level  
18443 3270d 01h jghali / msvc 2012 project update  
18442 3270d 01h craig / Remove abort slot from upgradechecker  
18441 3270d 08h jghali / msvc 2010 project update  
18440 3270d 09h jghali / remove Qt4 based msvc2008 project  
18439 3270d 09h craig / Add in new rubberband files  
18438 3270d 09h craig / Move to Qt5 only. Fix upgrade checker. Move to custom rubberband for selection (avoids OSX opacity issues, need extended to other areas). Turn off language change on menus due to Qt menu bug or changes for now  
18437 3270d 10h jghali / #11714: Cannot Rename Groups from Properties  
18436 3272d 22h fschmid / Fix for Bug #11692: CMYK bitmaps which there are in pdf files after import/open in Scribus are only in RGB mode. Part 1  
18435 3278d 19h jghali / win32 specific change related to qt plugins handling in order to ease working with multiple Qt builds  
18434 3278d 19h jghali / #11710: italian translation update  
18433 3278d 20h jghali / #5618 + #10766 : incorrect characters displayed after PDF export with some TrueType fonts

The PostScript glyph names table embedded in TrueType fonts basically cannot be relied on. So whenever possible use Adobe glyph names instead of embedded glyph names.
18432 3278d 20h jghali / fix copy/paste issue between Acrobat X and text editors with PDF exported as PDF/X-4  
18431 3282d 18h jghali / add msvc projects for msvc 2010 32bit + Qt5  
18430 3282d 23h jghali / msvc projects: remove QT_LARGEFILE_SUPPORT preprocessor definition, it is unnecessary with Qt 5  
18429 3283d 08h jghali / msvc projects: unnecessary preprocessor definition removal  
18428 3283d 09h jghali / msvc projects: more unnecessary preprocessor definition removal  
18427 3283d 09h jghali / msvc projects: remove some unnecessary preprocessor definition  
18426 3283d 10h jghali / rename msvc project configurations + some adjustments to vc9 projects  

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