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18565 3139d 05h jghali / - fix license file display issue on Windows due to incorrect detection of encoding
- allow plain text to automatically flow in ScTextBrowser
18564 3139d 05h jghali / remove unnecessarily large 'if' block by returning directly when appropriate  
18563 3139d 11h craig / Bump about date  
18562 3139d 18h jghali / #11794: QFSFileEngine::open: No file name specified warning in terminal  
18561 3142d 23h craig / #11783: Set licence text with pre tags, and re-wrap the pre-amble text  
18560 3143d 00h craig / #11790: Bump Hungarian translation file  
18559 3143d 21h fschmid / Fix compiler warning  
18558 3143d 21h jghali / #11788: Page palette bad update  
18557 3143d 22h craig / More MenuManager cleanup, remove use of ScrPopMenu  
18556 3143d 22h craig / Update MenuManager some more. Remove hacky additions to scribus.cpp  
18555 3143d 23h fschmid / Additional fix for Bug 11786  
18554 3144d 01h craig / #11787: Updated Italian translation  
18553 3144d 01h craig / Bump TS files  
18552 3145d 08h fschmid / Fix for committ r18550  
18551 3145d 08h fschmid / Restore old behaviour of the "Recent Files" menu, Part 2:
- Menu sorted with most recent file on top
18550 3145d 18h jghali / #11777: master page rename on double click  
18549 3146d 00h fschmid / Restore old behaviour of the "Recent Files" menu:
- "Open" Toolbutton with delayed popup
- Menu sorted with most recent file on top
18548 3146d 02h craig / Fix up most parts of Scripts menu  
18547 3146d 05h craig / Fix item level menu items  
18546 3146d 08h fschmid / Added the missing drawMaskedImage function.  

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