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18683 3091d 13h jghali / #11925: Source editor Italian translation  
18682 3091d 13h jghali / #11916: The number in the input field for vertical auto guides appears with unit 'pt'  
18681 3091d 18h fschmid / Fixed Bug #11918: Imported PostScript has too wide borders  
18680 3091d 18h fschmid / Fixed Bug #11910: Activating the preview for CGM files crashes Scribus  
18679 3091d 18h fschmid / Fixed Bug #11913: Activating preview for AI colour palette crashes Scribus  
18678 3091d 18h fschmid / Fixed Bug #11912: File Preview of PUB file crashes Scribus  
18677 3091d 18h fschmid / Fixed Bug #11911: Wrong caption for XPS import dialog  
18676 3091d 18h fschmid / Fixed Bug #11887: Rotating Text Frames between 90° and 270° makes resizing behave wrong
Fixed Bug #11886: Rotating a Text Frame and resizing it keeps the text on the same frame area
18675 3091d 18h fschmid / Fixed reading of filenames.  
18674 3091d 18h fschmid / Truncate output bytearray to the bytes really decompressed, as QDomDocument.setContent doesn't like additional null bytes.  
18673 3099d 07h gpittman / menu.xml was broken, reverting  
18672 3099d 08h gpittman / Some edits in progress for 1.6  
18671 3100d 16h mrdocs / bump the date  
18670 3101d 02h mrdocs / updated email address  
18669 3102d 11h jghali / msvc project update : add more flexibility for defining include and lib directories for third-party libs by adding appropriate macros in project property sheets  
18668 3103d 18h fschmid / Fixed ungrouping of Arc objects.  
18667 3103d 22h fschmid / Fixed Bug #11768: Arc selection frame in case of cheese piece
additional fix for resizing with the Properties palette.
18666 3103d 22h fschmid / Fixed Bug #11768: Arc selection frame in case of cheese piece  
18665 3104d 23h jghali / msvc 2012 project update  
18664 3105d 00h jghali / msvc 2010 project update  

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