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18754 3301d 16h jghali / Additional fix for #11997: calling propertiesPalette->unsetItem() from ScribusMainWindow::editInlineEnd() is not necessary if one fix the real cause of the issue, ie property widget for table not being correctly informed about selection changes  
18753 3301d 17h fschmid / Fixed Bug #11997: Editing and then deleting an item from "Inline Frames" crashes Scribus  
18752 3301d 18h craig / Set file permissions on save on unix  
18751 3301d 18h craig / #11998: Do not have Edit with image editor/Edit render source open when no doc is open  
18750 3301d 19h fschmid / Publisher-Import: add ability to recolor vector cliparts.  
18749 3302d 02h fschmid / Follow up to fix for Bug #11985, apply fix to other vector import calls too.  
18748 3302d 02h fschmid / Fixed compiler warning "m_gui is initialized after ...."  
18747 3302d 02h fschmid / Fixed Bug #11937: Snapping to items is not consistent  
18746 3302d 13h jghali / #11977 related: fix potential crash in style manager when opening character palette after enabling bullets or numerations  
18745 3302d 18h jghali / fix svg export issue with resized symbol items  
18744 3302d 18h jghali / fix xps export issue with groups and resized symbol items  
18743 3302d 23h jghali / fix svg export issue with groups (see doc from #11884)  
18742 3302d 23h jghali / fix xps export issue with doc from #11884 caused by incorrect export of clipping path  
18741 3303d 03h fschmid / Fixed Bug #10168: Snapping points not consistant, final fix  
18740 3303d 05h fschmid / Fixed Bug #11985: Botched import of graphics in PUB files  
18739 3303d 18h fschmid / Fixed Bug #11982: Severe problems with a complex VSD file from Microsoft  
18738 3303d 21h gpittman / new docs from Christoph  
18737 3304d 16h fschmid / Follow-up to Bug #11964: Arrow heads in VDX files don't survive import
better placement of Arrow heads.
18736 3304d 16h fschmid / Fixed Bug #11973: Indicators for text distance from frame border must not be in 100% black  
18735 3304d 17h jghali / #11884 related: fix svg error reported by Batik  

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