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19751 2688d 18h jghali / update version in msvc specifc files to 1.4.5  
19750 2689d 15h jghali / update msvc props file  
19749 2689d 18h jghali / update msvc build instructions  
19748 2691d 01h jghali / modify msbuild targets so as to avoid the need to include explicitly moc_*.cpp files in msvc solution  
19747 2692d 04h jghali / add missing pdf export settings to scripter (patch from Juraj Fedel)  
19746 2692d 05h jghali / several changes to scripter PDF export: possibility to set mark length, make unit handling consistent with bleed values  
19745 2693d 21h jghali / #12888: Italian translation update for 1.4.5 templates  
19744 2694d 03h jghali / #12885: Hungarian translation update for 1.4.5  
19743 2694d 17h christoph / New templates, XML, part 2  
19742 2694d 20h jghali / fix crash issues when loading/unloading multiple times docs with inline frames  
19741 2694d 20h fschmid / Added correct handling of CompositeModes, Opacity is sadly not supported by GMagick.  
19740 2695d 17h jghali / fix template.xml brokenness  
19739 2695d 17h jghali / #8959: PDFfile->save() doesn't use the checkbox value of Use Document Bleeds (partial backport)
Backport allows to use doc bleeds but the option is disabled by default so as to keep existing script working as previously in most cases.
19738 2695d 17h christoph / New templates, XML, part 1  
19737 2695d 20h fschmid / Fixed Bug #12878: Only bottom layer of Gimp image is imported
Additional fix: Enable access to the layers.
19736 2696d 18h jghali / fix wrong plugin install directory  
19735 2697d 00h fschmid / Fixed Bug #12878: Only bottom layer of Gimp image is imported
Adjusted CMake files to use pkg_config to find GMagick
19734 2697d 03h jghali / #12884: Crash while importing SLA document  
19733 2697d 17h jghali / msvc project update  
19732 2697d 18h fschmid / Fixed Bug #12868: PDF open : white zone is imported with black background
Additional fix: certain text shapes also had wrong color

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