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2025 6270d 08h fschmid / Implemented a new way to generate the previews for image display.
You have now 3 modes:
- full resolution Display
- a 72 dpi resolution
- a 36 dpi low resolution
Can be set in the Preferences and in the Document Setup Dialog in the Tools Tab
2024 6270d 12h cbradney / Finish off DocumentInformation class  
2023 6270d 16h subik / menu, searching improvements, basic printing of the documentation (need testing => only for 1.3 yet)  
2022 6270d 17h craig / Include Makefile.cvs in `make dist' tarballs for use by packagers.  
2021 6270d 17h craig / Tidy and sort scribus_SOURCES; remove EXTRA_DIST since the build system
does that for us anyway.
2020 6270d 18h craig / Actually include Makefile.cvs this time  
2019 6270d 20h craig / Put Makefile.cvs back in the "make dist" tarballs as some packagers want it.  
2018 6270d 23h mrdocs / fix some typos and add tooltip for #1912  
2017 6270d 23h mrdocs / update the tooltips for the fix in 1912  
2016 6271d 07h cbradney / Start to move Document Information into its own class.
Sort quite a few install/uninstall sections
2015 6271d 08h fschmid / Fix for damaged pics with incorrect dpi settings  
2014 6271d 08h cbradney / Apply same changes to 1.2 helpbrowser as 1.3 yesterday re lang changes, etc  
2013 6271d 09h fschmid / Fixed Bug #1911 and #1912  
2012 6271d 09h fschmid / Fixed Bugs #1890, #1891 and #1912  
2011 6271d 14h cbradney / Replace language names with those from Language Manager.  
2010 6271d 16h cbradney / Remove lots of if statements in hyphenation setup by use of the language manager class.  
2009 6272d 09h mrdocs / a fix for Louis Desjardin  
2008 6272d 10h cbradney / Add in return pressed for Subik's cool search tab, and change to use language variable instead of coded en dir. Add in a few convertSeparator calls while we are at it.  
2007 6272d 11h subik / Basic search and find in the documentation.  
2006 6272d 11h subik / Basic search and find in the documentation.  

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