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2030 6112d 13h craig / Most of the implementation for the settings writer.  
2029 6112d 19h craig / Some width and height values were being converted as if they were page
co-ordinates. Fixes #1882 .
2028 6112d 20h craig / Looks like ScribusView::SizeObject(...)'s interface changed in 1.3. Fix
scripter to provide appropriate args for new interface. Fixes #1906 .
2027 6112d 20h craig / Fix #1922 (Patch from that bug NOT used)  
2026 6113d 02h cbradney / Change Adjust to baseline to Align to baseline string in edit para styles dialog
Rename set fill and line transparency functions
Implemement view and item selection switching mechanism in Action Manager and stop connecting to ScApp for some functions we can now connect straight to the view for when it changes.
2025 6113d 03h fschmid / Implemented a new way to generate the previews for image display.
You have now 3 modes:
- full resolution Display
- a 72 dpi resolution
- a 36 dpi low resolution
Can be set in the Preferences and in the Document Setup Dialog in the Tools Tab
2024 6113d 07h cbradney / Finish off DocumentInformation class  
2023 6113d 11h subik / menu, searching improvements, basic printing of the documentation (need testing => only for 1.3 yet)  
2022 6113d 12h craig / Include Makefile.cvs in `make dist' tarballs for use by packagers.  
2021 6113d 12h craig / Tidy and sort scribus_SOURCES; remove EXTRA_DIST since the build system
does that for us anyway.
2020 6113d 12h craig / Actually include Makefile.cvs this time  
2019 6113d 14h craig / Put Makefile.cvs back in the "make dist" tarballs as some packagers want it.  
2018 6113d 18h mrdocs / fix some typos and add tooltip for #1912  
2017 6113d 18h mrdocs / update the tooltips for the fix in 1912  
2016 6114d 02h cbradney / Start to move Document Information into its own class.
Sort quite a few install/uninstall sections
2015 6114d 02h fschmid / Fix for damaged pics with incorrect dpi settings  
2014 6114d 03h cbradney / Apply same changes to 1.2 helpbrowser as 1.3 yesterday re lang changes, etc  
2013 6114d 03h fschmid / Fixed Bug #1911 and #1912  
2012 6114d 03h fschmid / Fixed Bugs #1890, #1891 and #1912  
2011 6114d 08h cbradney / Replace language names with those from Language Manager.  

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