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20320 2256d 15h craig / #13200: Add white background to page icons  
20319 2256d 16h craig / Add icont set title to about dialog  
20318 2257d 15h jghali / fixing missing acceptation of drag and drop event  
20317 2257d 15h jghali / fix drag and drop issue on main window on Windows  
20316 2257d 15h jghali / fix drag and drop issue on main window on Windows  
20315 2258d 14h jghali / make barcode generator more robust vs different platform line endings in  
20314 2258d 14h craig / Set svn property eol style to linefeed on  
20313 2258d 15h craig / Updated  
20312 2258d 15h craig / Updated  
20311 2258d 16h jghali / fix indentation and code style issues  
20310 2258d 17h jghali / fix linker error caused by unimplemented slots  
20309 2258d 18h craig / #13288: Apply patch for main window prefs appearance <FirasH>  
20308 2258d 20h craig / Apply major update to barcode generator from Terry Burton. More changes coming. Does not fix strange ps placement hang seen in #13237  
20307 2259d 16h jghali / #13287: Fix some spacing in Scribus code (Spacing/Tabs) <FirasH>  
20306 2259d 16h jghali / #13285: Remove useless colon in Preferences dialog <FirasH>  
20305 2260d 23h jghali / fix "Edit Arc" dialog unexpectedly closing when pressing Enter in a spinbox  
20304 2261d 00h jghali / #13275: Fix inconsistent layout between Table and Cell Style UI <FirasH>  
20303 2261d 00h jghali / #13282: "Edit Arc" dialog can only be used with pt as unit  
20302 2261d 00h jghali / msvc projects: remove unnecessary preprocessor definition  
20301 2261d 05h fschmid / Fixe Bug #12659: Totally odd behaviour of complex gradient fills  

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