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2046 6228d 05h craig / Write out proper DOCTYPE, minor fixes  
2045 6228d 06h craig / Reading done  
2044 6228d 08h craig / More read support  
2043 6228d 08h craig / Beginnings of settings read support
(reading XML is sooo ugly)
2042 6228d 09h craig / Report OS errors for file I/O
(Yes, I choose funny ways of procrastinating re study)
2041 6228d 12h mrdocs / correct wrong info in tooltip  
2040 6228d 12h fschmid / Vastly improved the handling of embedded cliping paths, Scribus uses now
optionally the default clipping path of an image, should fix #1891 now.
The misbehaviour of bug #1673 should be fixed now too.
2039 6228d 13h cbradney / Create Insert->Quotes menu with various required quotes included  
2038 6228d 18h craig / Omit passwords from saved settings by default; member tidying.  
2037 6228d 18h craig / ... and include pdfoptionsio.cpp in (forgot to check it in)  
2036 6228d 19h craig / Pull PDFOptionsIO out of pdfoptions.{h,cpp} into its own files.
Improves dependency handling.
2035 6228d 20h cbradney / -Reconnect the 1.3 view to the doc changed slot
-In slotDocCh(), dont update the docChecker if we are in process of loading a doc
-Restore the use of the per doc knowledge of Save/SaveAs enabled etc
-Dont set Lock/LockSize actions on slotDocCh when we already do this in HaveNewSel
-Dont call slotDocCh() from ScribusApp::slotFileOpen as ScribusView::LoadPict signals this
-Dont signal slotDocCh() from ScribusView::LoadPict when in the process of loading a doc.
-Remove some divisions in util.cpp's Cwidth()
2034 6228d 20h craig / Minor touch-ups.  
2033 6228d 20h craig / Tidying; don't clobber file until content generated if writing to file.  
2032 6228d 21h craig / better comments  
2031 6228d 21h craig / Support for saving PDF options largely done, just a couple of fields not
yet supported. No load yet.
2030 6228d 22h craig / Most of the implementation for the settings writer.  
2029 6229d 04h craig / Some width and height values were being converted as if they were page
co-ordinates. Fixes #1882 .
2028 6229d 04h craig / Looks like ScribusView::SizeObject(...)'s interface changed in 1.3. Fix
scripter to provide appropriate args for new interface. Fixes #1906 .
2027 6229d 05h craig / Fix #1922 (Patch from that bug NOT used)  

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