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20597 2121d 07h craig / Bump ts files  
20596 2121d 17h jghali / #13571: Copy not available for text selected by double-click  
20595 2121d 18h jghali / remove unnecessary parenthesis  
20594 2121d 18h jghali / msvc project update  
20593 2121d 18h jghali / #13556: Apply patch to rename private member veriables of several classes <aliyousuf>  
20592 2121d 22h fschmid / WIP start of an docx importer  
20591 2121d 22h fschmid / Additional fix to r20582, reapply rounded corner value if shape is changed back to rectangle.  
20590 2121d 22h fschmid / Remove unneeded qDebug()  
20589 2122d 18h jghali / #13570: Some naming cleaning in prefs_documentsetupbase.ui  
20588 2122d 18h gpittman / fixed getFontSize command in Scripter for decimal points  
20587 2122d 21h gpittman / updating Scripter docs in manual (de)  
20586 2122d 22h jghali / indentation fixes  
20585 2122d 22h jghali / #13563: Resizing 2 items (one of which is rotated) leads to wrong canvas placement
This is not a complete fix, but seriously improve the situation. Still issues especially with spiral objects.
Wondering also why there is so much ifs related to the item type in the modified function...
20584 2122d 22h jghali / #13566: fix typo in Italian update  
20583 2123d 17h craig / Remove useless comments  
20582 2123d 18h craig / #13565: Fix rounded corners value not being set to 0 when a shape other than a rectangle is changed, plus fix an item redraw issue  
20581 2123d 18h craig / Simplify unnecessary code when changing shapes  
20580 2123d 20h jghali / #13561: Scale image always to higher scaling value when chain is joined <ale>  
20579 2123d 21h jghali / #13564: Dragging Outline items on canvas make those disappear till Outline Palette update  
20578 2123d 22h jghali / #13566: Italian update  

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