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20660 2590d 01h jghali / fix mixed line endings issue  
20659 2590d 02h craig / Bump about date, fix changelog dates  
20658 2590d 10h jghali / Bump version in msvc specific files  
20657 2590d 11h gpittman / fixed README file  
20656 2590d 13h craig / Bump  
20655 2590d 13h craig / Rename some member vars of gtframestyle  
20654 2590d 13h craig / Some tweaks to color wheel dialog  
20653 2590d 13h craig / Rename lang table in language manager  
20652 2590d 13h craig / Bump date in COPYING  
20651 2590d 14h craig / Bump Changelog  
20650 2590d 14h craig / Bump about dates, copyright dates  
20649 2590d 14h craig / Bump version to 1.4.6 in preparation for release  
20648 2592d 22h jghali / adapt Windows printing to latest changes related to text background  
20647 2593d 01h fschmid / Clip paragraph backgrounds to text item shape.  
20646 2593d 01h christoph / 1.4.6 DE translations  
20645 2593d 01h christoph / final, final 1.4.6 updates  
20644 2593d 02h christoph / final 1.4.6 updates  
20643 2593d 12h jghali / fix text striketrough effect not being always rendered  
20642 2593d 16h fschmid / Better rendering of paragraph backgrounds.  
20641 2594d 02h fschmid / Fixed accidential loading of paragraph style properties into charstyles.  

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