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2083 6012d 10h mrdocs / updated  
2082 6012d 10h fschmid / Added two new Effects: "Brightness" and "Contrast"  
2081 6012d 10h mrdocs / update for string freeze  
2080 6012d 10h mrdocs / update for strings freeze  
2079 6012d 12h tsoots / Pack -> Merge  
2078 6012d 12h tsoots / Removed '?'s from checkboxes.  
2077 6012d 12h tsoots / Removed '?'s from check boxes.  
2076 6012d 13h cbradney / Newer Albanian translation  
2075 6013d 10h fschmid / Small fix for the Image Effects Dialog  
2074 6013d 11h fschmid / Fixed bug #1936 and moved the code for applying the image effects to the ScImage class  
2073 6013d 11h fschmid / Fixed bug #1936  
2072 6013d 12h cbradney / Updated Albanian translation  
2071 6013d 15h subik / #????: scripter methods wont's affect properties palette + docstring word wrap  
2070 6013d 16h cbradney / Fix typo in tooltip  
2069 6013d 21h cbradney / Fix installation of sq(Albanian) translation file  
2068 6013d 21h cbradney / Fix installation of sq (Albanian translation), and hopefully stop crashes on use of context menu.  
2067 6014d 10h fschmid / Fixed some crash in the PDF-Export with .png images  
2066 6014d 11h mrdocs / Tweak the get text dialog  
2065 6014d 11h mrdocs / Tweak the Get Text Dialog  
2064 6014d 11h mrdocs / simplify the tool tips and wording for the OO/OASIS importers  

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