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21109 2129d 18h jghali / msvc project update  
21108 2129d 19h craig / Big thanks to HOST-Oman and the team. Commit Boxes diff to SVN. Celebrate. Part 2, add new files  
21107 2129d 19h craig / Big thanks to HOST-Oman and the team. Commit Boxes diff to SVN. Celebrate  
21106 2130d 20h fschmid / Improved drawing of object decorations (Contourline etc...)  
21105 2130d 20h fschmid / Fixed Bug #13838:
- Fixed Typo
- Replaced "Abort" with "Close"
21104 2131d 18h craig / Add first rendering test document  
21103 2131d 20h fschmid / Fixed Bug #8988: expanding the countour line does not respect the measures  
21102 2131d 21h fschmid / Fixed Bug #13832: Automatic recovery should rename file that was autorecovered as "filename_(recovered)_DD_MM_YYYY_HH_MM"  
21101 2132d 13h jghali / msvc project update  
21100 2132d 18h craig / Update scribus_spell_dicts.xml  
21099 2132d 18h craig / Update scribus_spell_dicts.xml  
21098 2133d 05h fschmid / Fixed Bug #8788: Automatic recovery  
21097 2133d 22h jghali / remove some references to deleted files in  
21096 2133d 22h craig / Bump about date  
21095 2133d 23h jghali / 12204: Opening/Closing Properties palette tabs moves the view to the first document  
21094 2133d 23h jghali / When switching PP tabs, do not attempt to set focus to non visible widget  
21093 2134d 00h jghali / use some new QTreeWidgetItem functions instead of deprecated ones  
21092 2134d 02h jghali / #13823: Export to PDF with subsetted Wingding font crashes scribus  
21091 2134d 15h craig / Add PoDoFo version info to FindLIBPODOFO.cmake  
21090 2134d 16h fschmid / Fixed Bug #13821: use 1 as default for the number of the auto saved documenty to keep
forgot this file.

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