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21588 1755d 18h craig / Bump TS Files after text palette creation  
21587 1755d 18h craig / A little cleanup after splitting the text palette out  
21586 1756d 01h jghali / fix display issue with automatic hyphens on Windows  
21585 1756d 02h jghali / #14410: The pattern on the master page is not exported to PDF  
21584 1756d 06h jghali / #14440, second part: fix text layout offset issue when attaching text to path <Fahad>  
21583 1756d 11h mrdocs / minor tweaks  
21582 1756d 12h gpittman / the last mods to hyphenator doc in manual?  
21581 1756d 12h gpittman / still further mods to hyphenator doc in manual  
21580 1756d 13h gpittman / further mods to hyphenator doc in manual  
21579 1756d 14h mrdocs / bump the date  
21578 1756d 14h mrdocs / update needed versions  
21577 1756d 14h craig / Remove unused slots from TP  
21576 1756d 14h jghali / msvc project update  
21575 1756d 15h craig / Split Text formatting functions into new Text Properties palette  
21574 1756d 15h jghali / fix uic warning  
21573 1756d 17h jghali / #14406, fix another build issue: use c++98 compatible code as OpenSuse 42.1 does not use c++11 per default  
21572 1756d 17h gpittman / added info in WWImages about multiple file selection for import  
21571 1756d 18h gpittman / further updates Hyphenator in manual  
21570 1756d 18h gpittman / updating Hyphenator in manual  
21569 1756d 19h jghali / #14440, first path: fix most of the layout issue with Text on Path, still an offset issue remaining tho <Fahad>  

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