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21863 1753d 09h jghali / #12831: scrapbook doesn't work with images  
21862 1756d 07h jghali / reduce indentation by exiting early when possible  
21861 1756d 07h jghali / write checked fonts file after adding font path to avoid potential slow startup at next launch  
21860 1756d 09h jghali / fix SampleItem not performing linebreak correctly due to width/height being setup with incorrect units  
21859 1756d 09h jghali / #14707: Text preview truncated in Font Preview  
21858 1756d 11h jghali / #8118: Allow get/set of item attributes in scripter <jurajF>  
21857 1758d 12h jghali / #14708: add Open Sans to the default font candidate list, increase Helvetica priority  
21856 1759d 09h jghali / #14708: the default font is the first one  
21855 1759d 12h jghali / #14479: Copy and Paste very slow on Windows  
21854 1762d 17h jghali / #14706: Modifying conical gradient stops may trigger crash  
21853 1763d 16h jghali / #14699: Font Bucephalus is not rendered properly  
21852 1765d 07h jghali / #14702: Italian translation update for 1.5.3.svn  
21851 1767d 00h jghali / #14701: New DE translation update  
21850 1767d 10h craig / Bump TS files  
21849 1767d 23h jghali / fix inconsistent line endings  
21848 1768d 08h jghali / make style manager font features pane react on language change  
21847 1768d 10h craig / Complete switch in textcontext and remove unused variable in BaseStyle  
21846 1768d 11h craig / Remove register variables as they are deprecated and mostly ignored  
21845 1768d 13h jghali / #14696: Updated tooltip for Colours & Fills  
21844 1768d 15h craig / #14698: DE updates  

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