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2187 6040d 12h cbradney / Fix Print Preview menu text, move most recent change for plugin manager into plugin manager itself and call from action manager.  
2186 6040d 13h cbradney / Allow plugin menu items to change language  
2185 6040d 14h fschmid / Fixed bug #1127 and improved Underline and Strikethru  
2184 6040d 21h fschmid / Fixed Bug #1721  
2183 6041d 01h fschmid / Reenabled the Field Selection in the Annotation Properties Dialog.
Some GUI fixes in the Properties Palette.
2182 6041d 02h cbradney / #1987: Typo in coding standards doc  
2181 6041d 02h cbradney / #1987: Typo in coding standards doc  
2180 6041d 04h fschmid / Fixed Bug #1985  
2179 6041d 04h fschmid / Fixed Bug #1985  
2178 6041d 16h cbradney / Allow language change to work on menubar and submenus. Fix Save As Document Template plugin name.  
2177 6041d 19h cbradney / #1984: Updated Afrikaans translation  
2176 6041d 23h fschmid / Fixed Bug #1983  
2175 6041d 23h fschmid / Backported some improvements for underline and strikethru from 1.3 branch  
2174 6042d 00h fschmid / Implemented custom Underline  
2173 6042d 03h fschmid / Added the ability to set the resolution for the image preview with the context menue.  
2172 6042d 04h fschmid / Fixed Bugs #1976 and #201 (Backported Fixes from 1.3.0cvs)  
2171 6042d 14h fschmid / Added a check for vailid entries in the "post" table of a TrueType Font.
Speeded up scrolling in docs with linked text frames.
2170 6042d 16h cbradney / Give all actions within main program ability to change language on the fly, and reinit the shortcuts list on language change.  
2169 6043d 13h fschmid / Applied Patch for Bug #1575  
2168 6043d 13h cbradney / Transfer 100% up to date Ukranian translation to 1.3  

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