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22019 1716d 04h jghali / fix French translation error  
22018 1716d 18h jghali / French translation update  
22017 1716d 18h jghali / #14794: insert kerning between CJK letters and only Latin letters  
22016 1718d 18h jghali / fix incorrect label in PDF export prefs  
22015 1720d 15h gpittman / added instructions on accessing the manual from an outside browser  
22014 1720d 15h gpittman / some additional info in SearchReplace.html  
22013 1720d 15h gpittman / adding XSL file to manual for viewing in outside browser  
22012 1721d 00h craig / Bump TS files  
22011 1726d 18h jghali / fix current paragraph style new being shown properly in TP palette when cursor is past last character in frame  
22010 1727d 17h jghali / minor improvement to commit r22009  
22009 1727d 17h jghali / #14783: Cell style colour shade change has no effect after reloading file  
22008 1728d 04h jghali / #14786: Font outlining artefacts in PDF export  
22007 1728d 19h jghali / #14717: Margin line not shown if exactly on a "Major" grid line

This change default rendering order, from bottom to top, to: Grid, Margins, Content Objects, Baseline Grid, Guides
22006 1729d 17h jghali / #14781: Child Style doesn't update text direction when selected  
22005 1729d 17h craig / Bump copyright dates to 2017  
22004 1731d 21h jghali / cosmetic change  
22003 1731d 22h jghali / #14773: "Paragraph Style:" current style is not accurate for Table Cells  
22002 1734d 00h craig / Coverity 1405449: Uninitialised members variables  
22001 1734d 02h jghali / modernize a bit loadsaveplugin.cpp code  
22000 1734d 03h craig / #14768: Fix oops in initialising variables  

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