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2213 6249d 22h subik / user feedback for ISO physical units  
2212 6250d 02h tsoots / Fixed the list numbering issue when importing odt docs.  
2211 6250d 03h tsoots / Fixed the numbering issue with imported odt docs.  
2210 6250d 04h cbradney / Allow Node palette to change language  
2209 6250d 04h cbradney / Work around a problem with loading certain languages after each other that destroy the shortcuts and hence preferences. As these are not set on languageChange(), they should not be affected. To be fixed, but this stops the preferences being nuked on exit.  
2208 6250d 04h cbradney / Removed some now unnecessary tr calls  
2207 6250d 04h cbradney / More updates for language switching, mpalette should be 99% complete now. Fixed a typo in image export.  
2206 6250d 07h cbradney / Updated Scribus 1.3 keyset file  
2205 6250d 20h mrdocs / updated with new carnage ;)  
2204 6250d 20h mrdocs / updated to keep up with all the new stuff  
2203 6250d 20h cbradney / #2000: Updated Solvenian translation  
2202 6250d 20h mrdocs / updated Polish translation resolves # 1999  
2201 6250d 20h mrdocs / updated translation resolves # 1999  
2200 6250d 23h subik / 1981: Add columns and gutter in Guide manager [first snapshot]  
2199 6251d 01h cbradney / Allow language change for page selector, scribus view, scribus, undo gui (fix), undo manager string constants and beginning of work on mpalette.  
2198 6251d 03h cbradney / Start languageChange work on Preflight Verifier and Undo Manager.  
2197 6251d 04h cbradney / Rename incorrect Measurements changeLanguage() to languageChange() to allow language changing  
2196 6251d 05h cbradney / Allow Bookmarks dialog to change language  
2195 6251d 05h cbradney / Allow Page Palette dialog to change language  
2194 6251d 05h cbradney / Allow Outline dialog to change language  

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