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22257 1703d 10h gpittman / added a separate manual page for master pages, plus additional notes on createParagraphStyle()  
22256 1703d 14h craig / Bump splash version  
22255 1703d 20h jghali / some linker warning fixes for msvc 2012 projects  
22254 1703d 20h jghali / Backport from trunk: avoid calling setlocale() in ScCLocale::strtod() as setlocale() affects all threads  
22253 1703d 21h jghali / Version bump to 1.4.7 for msvc projects  
22252 1704d 07h gpittman / Added new section to manual which shows all the About information for the included scripts  
22251 1704d 08h mrdocs / Version bump 1.4.7  
22250 1704d 08h mrdocs / Version bump 1.4.7  
22249 1704d 09h gpittman / - fixed problem with text not showing up (no color assigned to it)  
22248 1704d 09h gpittman / updating Scripter menu image in manual  
22247 1706d 15h jghali / #15070: Incorrect cursor position after undoing or redoing text action  
22246 1707d 22h jghali / use QScopedPointer in a few places to simplify code  
22245 1707d 22h jghali / fix text being inserted at wrong place when redoing text paste  
22244 1708d 16h jghali / #15067: Undoing text paste over causes old and new text merge  
22243 1709d 21h jghali / code style fixes  
22242 1709d 21h jghali / fix color conversion error caused by ambiguity between ScColor constructors for RGB and Lab values  
22241 1711d 11h jghali / #15065: 'Color and Fills' menu - gui isn't working properly when marking a non CMYK color as 'Spot Color'  
22240 1715d 10h jghali / small code style fix  
22239 1715d 10h jghali / fix build error with gcc  
22238 1715d 14h jghali / scripter's scribus_setstyle() refactoring: exit early when possible  

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