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22635 1459d 00h craig / clazy and clang fixes, part 15  
22634 1463d 14h jghali / code style fix  
22633 1463d 14h jghali / small build fix  
22632 1463d 15h craig / clazy and clang fixes, part 14  
22631 1463d 15h craig / clazy and clang fixes, part 13  
22630 1463d 15h craig / clazy and clang fixes, part 12  
22629 1465d 20h jghali / Bump about date  
22628 1465d 21h jghali / Allows FindHUNSPELL cmake module to find also hunspell 1.5 and 1.6  
22627 1465d 21h jghali / Bump versions to 1.4.8.svn  
22626 1465d 21h jghali / Small adjustment to previous commit  
22625 1465d 23h jghali / Backport r22574: mitigate some print preview issues caused by some broken checks of sRGB profiles in recent libpng versions  
22624 1465d 23h jghali / Backport r22573: simplify Ghostscript versions handling by concatenating major and minor versions into a single number  
22623 1466d 11h jghali / #15397, part 2: fix potential incorrect generation of PostScript when some fonts are substituted  
22622 1466d 11h jghali / #15397, part 1: fix embedding of TrueType collection fonts in PDF  
22621 1470d 17h jghali / #15395: scpainterex_ps2.cpp uses ScImage but does not include scimage.h  
22620 1472d 13h jghali / ooops! missed committing function addition to ScColor with last commit  
22619 1472d 13h jghali / small refactoring  
22618 1472d 14h jghali / Fix incorrect DSC comment when exporting spot colors to PS  
22617 1472d 14h jghali / increase numeric precision when exporting spot colors to PDF  
22616 1472d 18h jghali / reorder includes in scimage.cpp  

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