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22695 1430d 11h jghali / refactor FileDialogEventCatcher::eventFilter()  
22694 1430d 19h jghali / refactoring and warning fixes for undo classes  
22693 1433d 14h jghali / fix unused variable warning  
22692 1433d 14h jghali / refactor ScribusDoc's ApplyGrid* fucntions  
22691 1433d 14h jghali / refactor Canvas drawControlsMovingItemsRect()  
22690 1433d 14h jghali / fix signed/unsigned comparison warnings  
22689 1433d 14h jghali / refactor ScPrintEngine_PS print()  
22688 1433d 19h jghali / #15424: pattern background not rendered after duplicating an item with a pattern background  
22687 1433d 19h jghali / replace lots of unnecessary calls to currentPage() in ScribusDoc by direct member access  
22686 1433d 19h jghali / rename ScriXmlDoc methods  
22685 1433d 20h jghali / fix signed/unsigned comparison warnings and some indice names in for loops  
22684 1433d 20h jghali / fix signed/unsigned comparison warning  
22683 1433d 20h jghali / refactor some of ScribusDoc itemSelection_Distribute*() functions  
22682 1435d 12h jghali / #7006: Drop Cap little too large causing text baseline misalignment  
22681 1436d 10h craig / Fix svn vs git warning  
22680 1436d 10h craig / Add svn vs git warning to svn is what we use.  
22679 1436d 14h jghali / #15423: Wrong undo tooltip string for multiple copy by columns and rows  
22678 1436d 14h jghali / Fix a few clang warnings  
22677 1436d 14h jghali / #15402: accidentally pasting scribus object in story editor pastes bunch of XML in plain text  
22676 1439d 10h jghali / #15411: Checkbox value is rendered as "4" (or some other value) by iText  

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