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22727 1322d 08h jghali / refactor importxps.cpp  
22726 1322d 08h jghali / code style fixes  
22725 1322d 08h jghali / refactor VGradient and VGradientEx classes  
22724 1322d 10h jghali / code style fixes  
22723 1322d 11h jghali / code style fixes  
22722 1322d 12h jghali / Revert erroneous file change  
22721 1322d 12h jghali / code style fixes  
22720 1322d 13h jghali / code style fixes  
22719 1322d 15h jghali / remove lots of unnecessary initializations with empty strings in pdflib_core.cpp  
22718 1322d 15h jghali / some refactoring for ftface.cpp and scfontmetrics.cpp  
22717 1322d 15h jghali / #15449: Arabic number glyphs of Noto Serif CJK are not exported into PDF correctly depending on specified languages  
22716 1327d 09h jghali / make PageItem's getRedrawBounding() and infoDescription() const  
22715 1327d 10h jghali / fix problematic definition of PageItem's setExternalFile(), setFileIconPressed() and setFileIconRollover()  
22714 1327d 10h jghali / make PageItem isInChain() const  
22713 1327d 11h jghali / Add some const to PageItem::canBeLinkedTo() and remove now unnecessary argument in PageItem::unlinkWithText()  
22712 1327d 11h jghali / #15422: Remove PageItem::hasLinks() and rename PageItem's testLinkCandidate() to canBeLinkedTo()  
22711 1327d 11h craig / Add architecture for Mojave to CMake condition  
22710 1327d 12h jghali / fix signed/unsigned comparison warning  
22709 1328d 06h jghali / cleanups and some refactoring for scribusview.cpp  
22708 1328d 06h jghali / code style fixes  

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