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23088 1036d 08h jghali / #15552: Add possibility to search through scribus actions <ale + jghali>  
23087 1038d 14h jghali / #15747: Image's transparency is positioned differently in PDF export  
23086 1042d 13h craig / Help Python libs finder by finding binaries first, per cmake help  
23085 1043d 09h jghali / A few cosmetic changes: align code with spaces

If indentation is to be performed with tabs, it is however better to perform alignment with spaces : if user changes the tab representation from 4 to 2 or 8 spaces for eg., having alignement performed with spaces will keep the code alignment consistent
23084 1046d 08h jghali / Put some order in includes  
23083 1046d 08h jghali / #14434: Converting true type fonts to outlines produces wrong shapes  
23082 1047d 08h jghali / Remove some now unnecessary "#if QT_VERSION" conditional blocks  
23081 1047d 13h jghali / Return when possible in ShapePalette::Import()  
23080 1049d 12h jghali / Try to not default on PostScript 1 when switching from a GDI printer to a Postscript printer in print dialog  
23079 1050d 06h jghali / Refactor ScFonts  
23078 1050d 06h jghali / Do not remove from cache fonts located in another local Scribus font folder (due to user having multiple versions installed for eg.)  
23077 1050d 07h jghali / Bump about date  
23076 1050d 08h jghali / Small performance improvement for TextShaper  
23075 1050d 08h jghali / Fix corrupted XPS export caused by glyph cluster being associated with incorrect text string  
23074 1050d 09h jghali / XPS exporter: improve merging of Glyphs XML elements  
23073 1050d 10h jghali / Mark virtual methods inherited from TextLayoutPainter with override specifier  
23072 1050d 10h jghali / #15736: Modifying character horizontal scale produces bad result on Malayalam text  
23071 1055d 10h craig / Convert scripter to override instead of virtual definitions  
23070 1058d 11h jghali / #15715: When changing sections, page numbers on regular pages are not updated immediately  
23069 1059d 09h jghali / #15732: setFontSize() changes only 1 character  

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