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23116 676d 09h craig / #15741: change the way we add panes to the Preferences dialog a little, move strings to panels, update TS files  
23115 677d 00h jghali / #15759: Gradient in imported SVG file disappears after resizing and leaves the result unsusable  
23114 677d 00h jghali / Refactor SVGPlug::parseGroup() to reduce large if blocks  
23113 677d 21h jghali / Revert change committed by error  
23112 677d 21h jghali / Fix names of ScribusDoc::sizeItem() arguments  
23111 677d 22h jghali / Fix inconsistency between preview and result when resizing multiple selection containing spiral  
23110 677d 23h jghali / Simplify PageItem's gradient API  
23109 677d 23h jghali / Simplify PageItem's gradient API  
23108 678d 00h jghali / Fix some undo issues in ScribusDoc::scaleGroup()  
23107 678d 00h jghali / Code style fixes  
23106 678d 01h jghali / Refactor ScribusDoc::scaleGroup()  
23105 678d 01h jghali / Code style fixes  
23104 678d 02h jghali / Code style fixes  
23103 678d 08h craig / Bump CMake minimum  
23102 679d 21h jghali / Small refactoring and code style fixes for HunspellPluginImpl::parseTextFrame()  
23101 679d 21h jghali / #15752: Spell checker recognises comma symbol as an error  
23100 680d 02h jghali / Remove some unnecessarily big "if" blocks by exiting/continuing early when possible  
23099 681d 06h craig / #15751: Move to new Python find syntax  
23098 682d 02h jghali / #Bump versions to 1.5.6.svn (win32 files)  
23097 682d 07h craig / Bump versions to 1.5.6.svn apart from win32 files  

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