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23262 950d 19h jghali / Fix small typo in a comment  
23261 950d 19h jghali / Code style fixes  
23260 951d 03h jghali / #12118: Resizing rotated items going over 0 width/height behaves strangely  
23259 952d 02h jghali / Code style fixes  
23258 952d 04h jghali / Code style fixes  
23257 952d 04h jghali / Code style fixes  
23256 952d 04h jghali / #3612: Changing width or height of rotated items behaves inconsistently depending on basepoint  
23255 956d 16h jghali / Speedup undo deletion of multiple items by using Selection's new addItems()  
23254 957d 16h jghali / Add function to Selection class for adding multiple items at once  
23253 957d 21h jghali / Slightly refactor ScribusMainWindow::PutToPatterns()  
23252 957d 21h jghali / Remove unused function from Selection  
23251 957d 22h jghali / Amend r23245 for the case where text frame contains a single letter  
23250 957d 22h jghali / Code style fixes  
23249 957d 22h jghali / #15836: Undoing on Attach Text to Path returns a bigger selected Text Frame  
23248 957d 22h jghali / Fix signed/unsigned comparison warning  
23247 957d 22h jghali / Remove a few now unnecessary casts to unsigned values  
23246 957d 22h jghali / Code style fixes  
23245 957d 22h jghali / Fix redoing TextToPath action after having undone it  
23244 958d 13h jghali / Code style fixes  
23243 958d 13h jghali / Fix SimpleState::getVoidPtr() incorrectly returning null  

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