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23391 606d 06h craig / Bump TS files from Transifex  
23390 606d 06h craig / Code cleanup  
23389 606d 06h craig / #15869: Apply patch for cursor setting simplification (ale)  
23388 606d 06h craig / clean up and use some newer Qt APIs  
23387 607d 10h jghali / Revert r23378: patch should not have been committed as the added function only returns dummy data  
23386 608d 00h craig / Add StoryText isSelected() and clean up Enablde-DisableTxEdit in ScribusMainWindow  
23385 609d 22h jghali / Rename a few scripter functions according to their user visible names  
23384 609d 22h jghali / #15965: Scripter: getMasterPage() is not documented  
23383 609d 23h jghali / Some fixes for scripter documentation  
23382 609d 23h jghali / Some fixes for scripter documentation  
23381 610d 11h jghali / Remove old commented out code  
23380 610d 11h jghali / #15886: Scripter: add function to revert doc to last saved state (ale)  
23379 610d 12h jghali / #15962: File inflate from 27Mb to 60Mb  
23378 611d 01h craig / #15956: Apply patch for exif fields for scripter (ale)  
23377 611d 02h craig / Some code cleanup  
23376 611d 08h jghali / Implement proper resources replacement for tables  
23375 612d 18h jghali / Rename ScribusDoc's GroupOfItem() according to code style  
23374 612d 18h jghali / Remove a few unused signals from ScribusDoc  
23373 613d 01h craig / #11285: python api duplicateobject noew returns new item name (ale)  
23372 613d 01h craig / #9154: Apply patch to apply new base directory to missing images (ale)  

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