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23489 1061d 15h jghali / #15957: Embedded ICC color profiles of PNG images are not detected during import  
23488 1061d 20h jghali / Rename PageItems's EmProfile, IProfile and IRender to something more understandable  
23487 1061d 23h jghali / Code style fixes  
23486 1061d 23h jghali / Update travis.yml following poppler min version change  
23485 1062d 22h jghali / #16044 related: use specified language string for es_ANY instead of just "Spanish"  
23484 1064d 02h jghali / #16066: Variable Text gets damaged when hyphenation is on  
23483 1064d 11h jghali / Replace deprecated QString::sprintf() by QString::asprintf()  
23482 1064d 22h jghali / Fix build error  
23481 1066d 02h jghali / Code style fixes  
23480 1066d 02h jghali / Fix some deprecation warnings related to QTime::elapsed() when compiling with Qt 5.14  
23479 1067d 22h jghali / Bump poppler min version to 0.62.0 (version provided by Ubuntu 18.04)  
23478 1067d 22h jghali / PDF import plugin: support poppler 0.86.x  
23477 1068d 23h jghali / Updates to BUILDING file  
23476 1069d 02h jghali / Fix typo  
23475 1072d 14h jghali / #16062: Selecting individual bullet character crashes Scribus  
23474 1073d 17h jghali / #16022: Changing icon set requires restarting Scribus  
23473 1076d 18h gpittman / added info to EditingShapes.html about double-clicking to bring up Nodes dialog  
23472 1076d 22h jghali / #16057: Two settings are wrongly active in colour management preferences  
23471 1076d 23h jghali / Code style fixes  
23470 1077d 18h jghali / #16054: Styles are disabled when trying to edit style for first time  

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