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23606 961d 16h jghali / Code style fixes  
23605 961d 16h jghali / Fix issue where items would be deleted from page when converting a page to masterpage  
23604 961d 18h jghali / Remove unused function arguments from ScriXmlDoc's readElem() and readElemToLayer()  
23603 961d 20h jghali / Code style fixes  
23602 961d 20h jghali / Code style fixes  
23601 962d 06h jghali / Typo fixes  
23600 962d 09h craig / Cleanup in units.cpp  
23599 962d 10h craig / #15493: Add setBleeds to scripter for py2/3  
23598 962d 10h craig / Remove ScribusDoc::resetPage as it is just setting margins or page
position and we have separate functions for that already. Add setBleeds
23597 962d 10h jghali / Fix several issues related to export of symbol items to PDF  
23596 962d 10h craig / Code cleanup  
23595 962d 13h jghali / Do not propose an already existing pattern name when sending an item to patterns or converting it to symbol  
23594 963d 12h jghali / Fix compilation with older poppler versions (< 0.70)  
23593 963d 14h craig / Add in test SmartZoomNativeGesture between 75 and 100% zoom  
23592 963d 15h jghali / Fix small issues in msvc2017 projects  
23591 963d 15h craig / Add in touch pad pinch to zoom  
23590 963d 15h jghali / Restore main window maximization state handling in setupMainWindow()  
23589 963d 17h jghali / #16086: Unblend colors that are preblended with matte <Pontobart>  
23588 963d 17h jghali / #16085: Add support for clipping along text paths <Pontobart>  
23587 964d 10h craig / #15912: Process events differently on start up to catch file open events from document double click events  

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