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23696 572d 01h jghali / Add missing manual.css in a few scripter documentation files  
23695 572d 01h jghali / Scripter: add getLineStyles()  
23694 572d 01h jghali / Adjust scripter's scribus_getstylenames() function name according to non deprecated Python function name  
23693 572d 02h jghali / Move a few style related functions from cmdobj.* to cmdstyle.*  
23692 572d 02h jghali / Cleanup for scripter's cmdpage.cpp  
23691 572d 02h jghali / Scripter: add getTextFlowMode()  
23690 572d 02h jghali / Deprecate scripter's textFlowMode(), rename it to setTextFlowMode() as it is a setter  
23689 572d 03h jghali / #16000: Scripter: behavior of setCharacterStyle() depends on the frame name being defined  
23688 572d 16h jghali / Code style fixes  
23687 572d 16h jghali / #16001: Scripter: add getCharacterStyle()  
23686 573d 17h jghali / Deprecate scripter's getStyle() and setStyle() and rename them to getParagraphStyle() and setParagraphStyle()  
23685 573d 20h jghali / #16100: No line wrap between a CJK character and a Latin character (after a CJK)  
23684 573d 23h craig / Code cleanup  
23683 573d 23h craig / ScLayer code cleanup  
23682 573d 23h craig / Code cleanup  
23681 574d 02h jghali / Fix duplicated range items in note style editor  
23680 574d 02h jghali / Add default initializer for PageItem_NoteFrame's deleteIt member  
23679 574d 02h craig / Bump translation files from Transifex  
23678 574d 03h craig / Cleanup initialisation in noteframe  
23677 574d 03h jghali / Prevent potential crash in case of broken note frame  

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