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24268 252d 17h craig / Add untranslated.ts file and README  
24267 253d 14h jghali / Fix build error on *nix  
24266 253d 19h jghali / Put some (alphabetical) order in plugins/CMakeLists.txt  
24265 253d 19h jghali / #16343: Scribus crashes when copy/pasting text if style is not in target document  
24264 255d 13h jghali / Small code cleanup  
24263 256d 20h jghali / Small string fix in Print Preview dialog ui file  
24262 256d 21h jghali / Remove mention of Windows XP and Windows Vista support in readme-win32.html  
24261 256d 21h jghali / Code style fixes and cleanups  
24260 257d 10h jghali / Give same treatment to colormgmt, desaxe, fonts and styles directories than text directory  
24259 257d 21h jghali / Fix multi-duplication of multiple selections when a rotation angle is used  
24258 257d 21h jghali / Reduce usage of gui selection in ScribusDoc's itemSelection_MultipleDuplicate()  
24257 258d 17h jghali / Add some parenthesis + some minor code improvements  
24256 258d 19h craig / Code clean up  
24255 258d 19h craig / Adjust Apple version in CMake file  
24254 259d 10h craig / Fix regex selecting arm build by mistake  
24253 259d 10h craig / Bump Changelog, about date and appdata  
24252 259d 11h craig / Tag  
24251 259d 12h craig / Backport #16327 fix  
24250 259d 12h craig / #16327: Convert text lib to main binary, remove added workaround  
24249 259d 13h jghali / Simplify code by removing an useless iteration loop  

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