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2446 5979d 14h cbradney / Update TOC Generator to use the page number positioning option from the TOC setup. Once run and a style set on the frame with leaders setup up, the TOC should look correct now.  
2445 5979d 15h cbradney / Change TOC setup code to enable placement of numbers before, after or not at all. Update loading and saving code.  
2444 5980d 02h cbradney / #2088: Fix for null items when importing EPS while in text edit mode  
2443 5980d 11h fschmid / Improvements for the on screen drawing of inline Objects.  
2442 5980d 11h fschmid / Some more fixes for the overlapping Characters thing.  
2441 5980d 12h cbradney / Initial commit of new TOC generator class. Moved default test code out of scribus.cpp.  
2440 5980d 16h cbradney / Release keyboard if changing mode before eyedropper is used.  
2439 5980d 18h cbradney / Some GUI cleanups from Andreas Vox  
2438 5980d 19h subik / Example of the database cooperation. See the docstring in the py file.  
2437 5980d 19h subik / Example of the database cooperation. See the docstring in the py file.  
2436 5980d 19h craig / Fix datatype of `kerning' PageItem property.  
2435 5980d 20h craig / Fix fix for #2053  
2434 5980d 22h fschmid / Started work for inline images in textframes.
Short Description how to use:
Create Textframe.
Fill with text.
Copy any other single object to the clipboard.
Go into edit mode for the textframe.
Paste the copied object into the textframe.
The copied object acts now like any character.
Warning this is currently only useable on screen, no saving, loading,
exporting or printing is implemented yet.
2433 5981d 00h cbradney / Rename the main window statusbar and progress bar variables  
2432 5981d 01h craig / Remove unused unit conversion wrapper for #2053  
2431 5981d 03h craig / Yet another small improvement to #2047  
2430 5981d 03h craig / Small improvement to #2047 fix  
2429 5981d 03h craig / Document new constants for #2047  
2428 5981d 03h craig / Export unit constants into scripter to fix #2047 .  
2427 5981d 05h craig / Fix C&P comment problem  

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