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3040 6374d 04h cbradney / Updated ts and po files in case we freeze strings soon.  
3039 6374d 09h mrdocs / partly resolves # 2448  
3038 6374d 09h mrdocs / partly resolves # #2448  
3037 6374d 12h mrdocs / fix one typo  
3036 6374d 12h mrdocs / new image and better explanation of settings  
3035 6375d 02h fschmid / Added the possiblilite to change the type of the Master Page (e.g left or right) after the creation. Reenabled page size changing.  
3034 6375d 03h cbradney / Made a updateColorMenu() function in scribus.cpp and removed the 5 copies of the code. Moved some single line post increments and decrements and +=1/-=1 to pre increments/decrements. Renamed the Unicode input variables in ScribusApp and StoryEditor.  
3033 6375d 04h cbradney / Make a CheckerPrefsList class (still in prefsstructs.h, can be moved later), add an initDefaults() function and replace 3 copies of this code in various places by this function. Some other minor cleanups.  
3032 6376d 02h fschmid / Fixed Bug #2413 and renamed ScribusDoc::PageFP to ScribusDoc::currentPageLayout  
3031 6376d 02h cbradney / #2440: Fix oops in loop limit  
3030 6376d 04h cbradney / Move util.cpp's CopyToPasteBuffer to pageitem.cpp copyToCopyPasteBuffer  
3029 6376d 11h subik / cursor in the newStyleDialog()  
3028 6376d 17h mrdocs / no longer used see:

Tested a build with these removed and build works fine
3027 6377d 02h fschmid / Applied patches from Bug #2442  
3026 6377d 02h fschmid / Extended the "Insert Page(s)" Dialog to cope with the new page layouts.  
3025 6377d 06h cbradney / Some more minor cleanups for scribus.cpp  
3024 6377d 07h mrdocs / spell check and fix some typos add latest version to 1.2  
3023 6377d 07h mrdocs / spell check and fix some typos  
3022 6377d 19h craig / QString fred("fred") vs QString fred = QString("fred")  
3021 6378d 04h cbradney / Clean DoFileSave to use doc->save(...), add in output CMYK change from Franz and remove some unneeded code when setting line transparency.  

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