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3108 5863d 07h subik / commens for doxygen  
3107 5863d 07h subik / #2480 more types of color blindness support. We are using the same algorithms as GIMP does. (+ one more). Vision defects have sepatare class now.  
3106 5863d 09h mrdocs / update and test commit from my new setup  
3105 5863d 12h subik / german for short-words  
3104 5863d 12h subik / german for short-words  
3103 5864d 00h cbradney / Fix always disabled cascade and tile menu items after menu changes  
3102 5864d 01h avox / modified jghali's scpaths patch for MacOS X  
3101 5864d 11h subik / preset layouts fixes. disabling widgets. Commented source code. Starring 1000 elephants!  
3100 5864d 12h subik / hide window to enable user acces to the scribus dialogs  
3099 5864d 12h mrdocs / Clean up some of the English in the dialogs  
3098 5864d 21h cbradney / Move View->Snap to Grid/Guides to Page->  
3097 5864d 22h cbradney / Move palettes to Windows menu as per recent GUI study. Have left most of the code in place commented out in case its horrible and nasty so I can revert easily. Revert change of CheckerPrefsList to a struct and its initialisation code to the prefs manager to stop really ugly qobject inheritance issues. Fix some menu management qmap auto insert vs unchecked pointer issues.  
3096 5864d 23h fschmid / Applied Patch from Bug #2490  
3095 5865d 00h mrdocs / Fix a mis-worded tool tip and start switching some longer text to the new style "<qt>" + tr("") + "</qt>" tooltips  
3094 5865d 23h fschmid / Fixed Bug #2487  
3093 5865d 23h fschmid / Fixed Bug #2485  
3092 5866d 00h mrdocs / Add the Eye Dropper hints thanks to MrB  
3091 5866d 01h cbradney / Fix compile issue. Use {}s when defining temp variables in case blah:...  
3090 5866d 01h mrdocs / fix a mis-spell in the tool tips  
3089 5866d 01h fschmid / Applied patch from Bug #2272 and updated Galician translation, resolving Bug #2484  

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