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3153 5981d 11h craig / Fix bug #2518 (Prefs corruption in 1.2.x). See the bug for details.  
3152 5981d 11h craig / Support importing 1.2.3 preferences files  
3151 5981d 13h craig / Fix constant offer to import 1.2.x prefs  
3150 5981d 22h fschmid / Added a "Cancel" button to the Font Substitution" Dialog  
3149 5981d 22h cbradney / Fix issue with counter not updated when converting an empty frame. Reduce the continue code.  
3148 5981d 22h cbradney / Better handling of text to outlines conversion when an item is being edited by SE.  
3147 5981d 22h cbradney / Updated .pro file for translators  
3146 5981d 22h cbradney / #1039: Allow conversion of multiple text frames to outlines at the same time. Note when a selection contains non text frame items it will still run, just skipping those items. This code still needs cleaning and moving to the correct class.  
3145 5981d 23h fschmid / Fixed Bug #2497 and unified the two variables masterPageMode and MasterP to the better masterPageMode  
3144 5982d 00h mrdocs / drop platforms (install4) no longer needed  
3143 5982d 00h mrdocs / replace incorrect Ghostscript and JavaScript  
3142 5982d 01h cbradney / #2516: Correct PostScript and JavaScript capitalisation. Watch for possible breakage as we are still using translated strings in prefs, for now. I've added a little workaround in prefs loading tho.  
3141 5982d 01h cbradney / #2516: Correct PostScript and JavaScript capitalisation  
3140 5982d 02h fschmid / Applied patch from bug #2515  
3139 5982d 02h cbradney / Many small cleanups throughout scribus.cpp. Fixed one item loop not iterating through selected items. Enabled hyphenation and dehyphenation when the user has multiple selected items.  
3138 5982d 12h mrdocs / resolves #2513  
3137 5982d 23h fschmid / Fixes for the PDFlib, and moved the dynamic tooltip code into an own file.  
3136 5983d 00h fschmid / Moved the pslib to the main sources.  
3135 5983d 00h cbradney / String cleanup in editformats.cpp. Comment unnecessary emit in mpalette on font change. Attempt to fix #2498 by instantiating a copy of the edit formats dialog within Story Editor, rather than making ScribusApp do it (child dialog has parenting issues I think :) ). Small cleanups in ScribusApp.  
3134 5983d 01h cbradney / Commit the .pot and .pro files not committed with the ts and po files before string freeze.  

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