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3252 5925d 06h craig / More header dependency cleanups  
3251 5925d 07h craig / Clean up some header dependencies  
3250 5925d 08h craig / New config.guess and config.sub from malex to fix #2499  
3249 5925d 08h craig / New config.guess and config.sub from malex to fix #2499.  
3248 5925d 08h craig / Explanatory comment  
3247 5925d 08h craig / Add new "About Plug-ins" dialog. Most plug-ins still need about info
filled out.
3246 5925d 09h craig / Get unnecessary scribus.h include out of pluginmanager.h, add a few minor
accessors to PluginManager
3245 5925d 16h craig / Don't try to install removed file "gsadv.html" or include it in extra_dist  
3244 5925d 16h cbradney / Add in some comments near my commented out code  
3243 5925d 17h mrdocs / updated to reflect new plugin API  
3242 5925d 17h cbradney / Begin PageItem and ScribusView cleaning. Move some shape setting functions into PageItem as they are purely shape functions. Separate any pure view code out. Utilise the new FPoint constructor for transformed points. Small cleaning here and there.  
3241 5925d 17h craig / Better placeholder for about info on plugins; fill out about info for scripter.
It'd be good if plugin authors could put in author, short description, and
copyright for their plugins so it can be used in the about->plugins dialog.
3240 5925d 18h fschmid / Cleaned up a bunch of compiler warnings.  
3239 5925d 18h fschmid / Updated German translation (Bug #2548)  
3238 5926d 03h avox / changed pageselector following MrB's specifications  
3237 5926d 03h avox / smooth markers only for Mac  
3236 5926d 03h avox / Just moved some inline functions around.  
3235 5926d 03h cbradney / Update FPoint to include the transform functions currently in ScribusView. Not used until a later commit.  
3234 5926d 15h fschmid / Redesigned the "Print Dialog" a bit, moved the "Advanced Options" to a TabWidget
and added a "Preview..." button.
3233 5927d 04h cbradney / Remove conflict of enum name to member  

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