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3278 5919d 04h cbradney / Updated TS/PO files, included is new en_GB translation. Fixed two strings in cmsprefs.cpp  
3277 5919d 05h cbradney / #2516: Fix PostScript and JavaScript texts  
3276 5919d 13h mrdocs / minor tweaks  
3275 5919d 13h mrdocs / test update  
3274 5919d 13h fschmid / Added a zoom to default (100%) View Button.
Replaced the icon for the Preflight-Checker with a real "Traffic light" icon.
3273 5919d 18h avox / Additional icons by bogdan which aren't used yet  
3272 5919d 18h avox / New icons from bogdan oancea  
3271 5920d 13h / This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag
3270 5920d 13h mrdocs / minor tweak for the web site page  
3269 5920d 13h mrdocs / updates for 1.2.3  
3268 5920d 13h fschmid / Print Preview: Speed up's in CMYK preview and prepared for previewing Overprints.
Masterpages: Fixed importing of pre-1.3.x Master Pages.
3267 5920d 15h mrdocs / updated to 1.2.3  
3266 5920d 15h mrdocs / new screenies for new docs  
3265 5920d 17h avox / Some infrastructure for the MacOSX application bundle  
3264 5920d 19h craig / Fix title string  
3263 5921d 13h cbradney / Move item creation to ScribusDoc. Merge all item type creation functions into one, with a default setting helper function. View passes to the Doc, though this isn't necessary and in future after more work we won't pass through the View.  
3262 5921d 13h cbradney / Fix qdebug warning in fpointarray, add in necessary includes to preview.cpp/h  
3261 5921d 13h fschmid / Added previewing of Spot Colors to the "Print Preview"  
3260 5921d 13h mrdocs / some final tweaks before 1.2.3  
3259 5921d 13h cbradney / Remove accidental ; at end of if  

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