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3699 6056d 04h cbradney / Change and add some class declarations and includes.  
3698 6056d 05h cbradney / Change and add some class declarations and includes.  
3697 6056d 07h cbradney / Copy Pages to DocPages after the initial Page creation as I'm sure something is going to assume this is there.  
3696 6056d 07h craig / + More tweaks to LoadSavePlugin:
- Use an id for formats to distinguish multiple options for the same
format type (eg sla 1.3.x and sla 1.2.x)
- Maintain sorted format list
+ Get filter for file->open dialog from LoadSavePlugin format enumeration
(Note that's ALL that's changed over so far)
3695 6056d 08h cbradney / Rearrange the new doc procedure quite a bit. Change place of calling of palette inits and HaveNewDoc call. Implement the beginnings of a addMasterPage to Doc. Use and dont keep swapping in and out of master page mode for new docs as its not necessary. Buy new MrProper.  
3694 6056d 12h cbradney / Stop potential crash by initialising palette prefs pointer to NULL.  
3693 6056d 13h craig / Reenable format tracking after fixing incorrect iterator use.  
3692 6057d 01h cbradney / Fix sig11 with missing prefs context. Rearrange file new code a little. Need to clean the add page code first before I can finish this.  
3691 6057d 02h cbradney / Add outline palette setDoc/unsetDoc functions and stop passing the doc pointer around. Rename mpalette setDoc/unsetDoc functions. Reorganise some of tree.h to hide some members.  
3690 6057d 04h cbradney / Create Lines for Lines and not PolyLines in Scripter. Set itemFinalised to true for new items, and do not use the View's Mpressed as this is for interactive only.  
3689 6057d 04h cbradney / Some more moving, cleaning and finally nuke all the commented out code from previous large moves.  
3688 6057d 05h craig / Disable format tracking until I can track down an intermittent and really
odd crash. Also fixes missing initialization in plugins and properly escapes
regex strings.
3687 6057d 05h mrdocs / time to put a fresh coat of paint on 1.2.4  
3686 6057d 05h craig / - Make LoadSavePlugin track supported formats using a private static member
and some registration/unregistration functions. Callers can ask it
about things like whether a given format is supported, what to use to
load a given file, what filters to send to QFileDialog, etc.
- Add a name match regexp to format info
- Add a pointer back to the plugin to use to load the format to the format info
- Add loadFile(...) and saveFile(...) virtual methods to LoadSavePlugin
that permit the caller to specify what format to use and help distinguish
"load/save" from "import/export".
- Add an initial .sla plugin skeleton
Slooowly getting there, though most of this is still largely setup as I figure
out how best to handle this neatly. Should be able to start getting rid of
hard-coded format dispatch in FileLoader real soon now...
3685 6057d 12h fschmid / First steps for reading EXIF info from jpg files. Currently the thumbnail images are extracted for the preview in the fileselector.  
3684 6057d 15h avox / Small fix to build-id: don't mention 32 bit word size, just deviations  
3683 6058d 02h mrdocs / minor updates and a note about suse 9.3/10.0 yes/no dialogs  
3682 6058d 02h mrdocs / minor update about compound docs  
3681 6058d 02h mrdocs / add a note about the suse 9.3/10.0 bug with Yes/No.  
3680 6058d 03h cbradney / -Move some clip functions from the view to item as they dont require the view at all.
-Stop creating comboboxes editable and then setting them non editable.

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