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3891 5814d 21h mrdocs / not needed  
3890 5814d 21h mrdocs / add .de docs part #4  
3889 5814d 21h mrdocs / adding .de docs to ship them with 1.2.4 step # 2  
3888 5814d 21h mrdocs / adding the .de docs part 1  
3887 5814d 22h mrdocs / more updates  
3886 5814d 22h mrdocs / updated  
3885 5814d 22h cbradney / Fix the 2 sig11s in master page duplication and importing. Comment out a wad of unnecessary code and use the new ScribusDoc::addMasterPage function.. yay!  
3884 5814d 23h mrdocs / update some docs and push out a new tarball  
3883 5814d 23h mrdocs / add missing update lines  
3882 5815d 12h cbradney / #2830: Call HaveNewDoc at the end of a scripter run to handle new doc creation GUI setup.  
3881 5815d 23h mrdocs / partly resolves # 2531  
3880 5816d 12h fschmid / Fixed bug #2824  
3879 5817d 09h cbradney / Remove old commented out code  
3878 5817d 09h cbradney / Move the ScText struct out of scribusstructs.h like TT have done for the Qt4 branch  
3877 5817d 19h mrdocs / more files from zack rusin for the build to work with Qt4  
3876 5817d 19h mrdocs / file sctextstruct.h was initially added on branch Version13x-Qt4.  
3875 5817d 19h mrdocs / updates from a diff applied from zack rusin  
3874 5817d 19h mrdocs / more patches for Qt4 from zack  
3873 5818d 01h subik / allow user to save and load preferences into/from separate file  
3872 5818d 06h fschmid / Photoshop blend modes "Hard Light" and "Soft Light" are now working.  

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