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4058 5882d 20h subik / flawfinder check implemented: make codecheck  
4057 5882d 20h subik / authors. real fix :-/  
4056 5882d 20h subik / authors  
4055 5882d 21h fschmid / Fixed Bug #2910  
4054 5882d 22h fschmid / Fixed Bug #2500  
4053 5883d 00h fschmid / Fixed Bug #2904  
4052 5883d 08h cbradney / #2291: Keep the currently selected colour active after an edit, delete, or new item when created.  
4051 5883d 09h cbradney / Actually bother to close a doc rather than just its window... OMFG  
4050 5883d 12h cbradney / #2805: Use QMemArray instead of std::valarray for a basic int array and the crash seems to go away.  
4049 5883d 13h cbradney / Use the selection group indicators in selection class and remove groupsel from the view. Emit from the selection class when theres a multiple selection and the gui needs to disable or enable something because of a multiple selection.  
4048 5883d 21h cbradney / Remove some old commented out code  
4047 5883d 23h cbradney / Ensure Preflight Verifier is disabled when doc is closed. Fixes sig11 on profile selection after doc closed.  
4046 5884d 02h fschmid / - Fixed bug #2904.
- Print Preview Window has now a better initially size.
4045 5884d 09h cbradney / Update about box date  
4044 5884d 09h cbradney / Initialise abortExport to false  
4043 5884d 12h cbradney / #2906: Place master page items correctly when copying a page to a master page. Fix sig11 when copying page to master pages when not the left page of a multipage layout. Fix page count after copying.  
4042 5884d 14h subik / #1606: setStyle changes complete frame style despite selection.
It needs a very heavy testing because it affects all style changes - you can change style in selection from scripter and gui too (in edit mode). I've test it but I'm sure I missed some combinations...
4041 5885d 11h mrdocs / fix some crufty html  
4040 5885d 11h mrdocs / fix some crufty html  
4039 5886d 02h fschmid / - Fixed incorrect exporting of custom rendering settings into PDF.
- Fixed missing persistance of Tool Tip enabled/disabled setting.

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