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4230 5642d 11h craig / Use 'c'har not "s"tring in encode  
4229 5642d 11h craig / PDFlib colour caching:
- Cache most recently used colour in SetFarbe(...)
- Cache most recently used (Color, shade) pair for bg & fg in putColor(...)
Both of these help avoid extremely large number of re-generations of the same
tiny colour definition string snippets when outputting certain types of objects.
In particular, text output should improve.
PDFlib tidying:
- Avoid string copies wherever possible (QString is cheap to copy, but
we should actually not be using QString for most of this, and free is
better than cheap).
- get rid of Dokument member in favour of using seek position in file,
make PutDoc inlineable.
- use QString::number instead of IToStr wrapper
- make FToStr a small static-linkage inlineable convenience wrapper
for QString::number
- rename PDFlib::t to PDFlib::outputStream
- Provide a `const char*' overload for PDFlib::PutDoc(...) to write
a plain byte string. Saves on converting constant strings.
- Make some fixed data `static const' to make it shareable and fit in the
read only section of the binary.
- Make a few trivial member functions easily inlineable.
- Move many local variable declarations closer to use
- Convert some very convoluted (should I say "complexificated"? :-P)
string building into the equivalent constant string.
4228 5642d 11h craig / Remove unused Preferences::ChangeGrid declaration with no corresponding
implementation. Fixes fatal build errors on SuSE 10 RPM.
4227 5642d 12h craig / Report dlopen() errors for other dynamically linked objects too
(woah for code duplication)
4226 5642d 12h craig / Report output of dlerror() when prefs access fails  
4225 5642d 17h craig / Initialize progressDialog pointer  
4224 5642d 17h craig / Delete progress dialog when PDFLib is deleted. We were leaking it before.
Note that we don't need to test for usingGUI or progressDialog==0 because
it's entirely legal (a no-op) to delete a 0 pointer.
4223 5642d 17h craig / Use an initializer list for pdflib, make all members that need not be public
4222 5642d 19h craig / Dead code elimination in scimage, make methods private where possible,
use reference params, minimally document functions.
4221 5643d 16h fschmid / Added a check for useable default font to the initDefaults function in the PrefsManager. Currently it checks for Arial Regular and Times New Roman Regular.  
4220 5643d 18h fschmid / Fixed Bug #2945.  
4219 5643d 19h fschmid / Patch from Jean to fix #2956 and another one for a problem in CollectforOutput  
4218 5644d 06h mrdocs / resolves # 2957 updated Polish translation  
4217 5644d 09h / This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag
4216 5644d 09h mrdocs / here comes 1.2.4  
4215 5644d 11h subik / 2647: Show guides in the rulers.  
4214 5644d 18h fschmid / Fixed bug with incorrect Canvas size after editing MasterPages.  
4213 5644d 19h fschmid / Fixed Bug #2912.  
4212 5644d 20h fschmid / Fixed Bug #2951.  
4211 5645d 09h subik / ok, again. And right now :-/  

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