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4251 6021d 07h craig / Add a spec file for fedora, simple info on building RPMs targeted at
normal users not distro packagers.
4250 6021d 16h mrdocs / 1.2.5 versioning  
4249 6021d 16h mrdocs / updates  
4248 6021d 18h mrdocs / add BUILDING to source and add fontconfig notes  
4247 6021d 19h craig / Fontconfig support for 1.2.5cvs  
4246 6022d 15h mrdocs / *** empty log message ***  
4245 6022d 15h mrdocs / bumping to for 1.2.5cvs  
4244 6022d 15h mrdocs / some updates from S. Brabec at  
4243 6022d 16h mrdocs / patch from jghali for #2956  
4242 6022d 19h craig / Tweak last checkin  
4241 6022d 19h craig / Make some Page accessors inlineable, make Page useable in a const
context. Pass Page pointers around pdflib as const to help compiler, protect
against accidental change.
4240 6022d 19h craig / Help the compiler out by telling it we don't alter the ScText structs we work with  
4239 6022d 20h craig / Support QByteArray / QCString input to PutDoc  
4238 6022d 21h / This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag
4237 6022d 21h craig / Hide random crap in root from CVS  
4236 6022d 21h craig / Stop tracking these generated files  
4235 6022d 21h mrdocs / updated .desktop file from patch from Stansilav Brabek from Suse.  
4234 6022d 21h craig / Tweak to line up formats  
4233 6022d 21h mrdocs / updates for  
4232 6022d 21h mrdocs / welcome to Craig Ringer fixed what could have been an egg on our face release  

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