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4264 5853d 13h craig / Some more minor pdflib tidying  
4263 5853d 13h craig / Fix #2943  
4262 5853d 16h craig / Rename `packaging' to `specfiles' because OSs with case sensitive filenames
have trouble with PACKAGING vs packaging .
4261 5853d 16h craig / Point out where spec files are kept  
4260 5853d 18h craig / Tweak some of the PDFExportDialog and TabPDFOptions arguments  
4259 5853d 18h craig / - Rename PDF_Opts to PDFExportDialog
- Make PDFExportDialog a friend of TabPDFOptions,
protect more TabPDFOptions members that the rest of the world
need not see.
4258 5853d 19h craig / Protect some non-GUI members that need not be public.  
4257 5853d 19h craig / Tweak prefs to use TabPDFOptions unit change method  
4256 5853d 19h craig / - Tweak workaround for #2964
- Delegate unit changes to TabPDFOptions rather than manipulating members
4255 5853d 20h craig / - Initialize protected members to 0 too
- Protect as many members as possible, so now it's possible to see which controls
- get poked at by the outside world.
4254 5853d 21h craig / Avoid crash by just not storing PDF view mode options. Need to confirm that
the proper fix is actually to always use these widgets even in prefs.
4253 5853d 21h craig / - Initialize all member pointers in tabpdfoptions to avoid unexpected surprises
when testing them for 0, and to make invalid acceses easier to find.
- Make the scribusview member pointer a const pointer
- Store a reference to the fonts array not a pointer
4252 5853d 21h craig / Fix access to TabPDFOptions::useLayers2 when it hasn't been initialized  
4251 5853d 23h craig / Add a spec file for fedora, simple info on building RPMs targeted at
normal users not distro packagers.
4250 5854d 08h mrdocs / 1.2.5 versioning  
4249 5854d 08h mrdocs / updates  
4248 5854d 10h mrdocs / add BUILDING to source and add fontconfig notes  
4247 5854d 11h craig / Fontconfig support for 1.2.5cvs  
4246 5855d 07h mrdocs / *** empty log message ***  
4245 5855d 07h mrdocs / bumping to for 1.2.5cvs  

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