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4485 6042d 01h cbradney / Add in ability to import the margins from the CUPS printer (jghali will add in Windows option).
Clean MarginWidget constructor to pass in unitIndex not suffix, decimals etc etc.
Add in PrinterUtil class and copy druck.cpp's getPrinterNames to this class (TODO, make function static, remove from druck.cpp)
4484 6042d 02h fschmid / Fixed Bug #3139  
4483 6042d 03h fschmid / Better fix for #3138  
4482 6042d 04h fschmid / Fixed Bug #3138  
4481 6042d 05h fschmid / Fixed Bugs #2296 and #3142.  
4480 6042d 15h cbradney / Update for jghali to sync with pageitem*  
4479 6042d 17h tsoots / Fixed a few typos in the Finnish translation  
4478 6042d 17h cbradney / #3133: patch from jghali to reset the current document directory when changing window or closing a doc. this fixes directories being undeleteable even if not used anymore btu set current.  
4477 6043d 00h fschmid / Fixed Bug #3110.  
4476 6043d 02h cbradney / #3133: fix crash. + Add in mouse over item function. from jghali  
4475 6043d 14h cbradney / Place some restraints on the document section values with a warning for out of bounds values.  
4474 6043d 15h cbradney / Shrink the font preview a little as its enlarging doc setup unnecessarily.  
4473 6043d 16h cbradney / #3070: Fix edit mode internal drag of images  
4472 6044d 15h mrdocs / bump the date  
4471 6044d 16h cbradney / Updated Simplified Chinese translation  
4470 6045d 00h fschmid / Fixed Bug #3119  
4469 6045d 21h subik / cvs ignore file for BC plug  
4468 6045d 22h subik / Barcode generator 1st full functional version (I hope so)  
4467 6045d 22h subik / #3049: no preview displayed in font preview box  
4466 6045d 22h subik / #3090: guide manager displays wrong guides  

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