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4631 5983d 15h cbradney / Fix some include <s that should be include "s  
4630 5983d 16h mrdocs / updates  
4629 5983d 16h mrdocs / bump the date  
4628 5983d 17h cbradney / Add in tooltips for reduce and enlarge buttons.  
4627 5983d 17h mrdocs / typo  
4626 5983d 17h mrdocs / add more shortcuts  
4625 5983d 17h subik / tooltip for Paragraph Style Preview Background  
4624 5983d 17h mrdocs / add new resizing/moving keys  
4623 5983d 18h cbradney / -Change movement values to use doc ratio
-Allow resizing of frames with Alt+arrows keys:
Select frame
Alt -> move right edge right
Alt-Shift -> move right edge left
Using Control modifier gives 10x change
4622 5983d 20h subik / #3234: Palm PDB importer  
4621 5984d 02h cbradney / Make pageitems check for x,y,w,h,r changes in their set* functions. This fixed #2741, however we do get a lot of undo actions now.  
4620 5984d 03h cbradney / Set Get Image/Get Text to CTRL+D and move Item Duplicate to CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+D. Update keyset xml file.  
4619 5984d 04h cbradney / -Rename some of the unitChange functions
#2684: Add in controls to the NodePalette and code to ScribusView to enable expanding and reducing by a distance.
4618 5984d 06h fschmid / Fixed two small issues:
preview.cpp: Initialize target image correctly to transparent black
scribusXml.cpp: import RGB colours correctly
4617 5984d 14h avox / Patch from jghali for 3231 (img_effects_print_black)  
4616 5984d 16h cbradney / #3230: Use the doc->onpage function for item "paste" as we might be importing to a different page. Need to make this accept a destination page too.  
4615 5984d 17h cbradney / #3230: Move the renumbering of the master page names data back to muster.cpp so it reflects the correct page numbering (ie must be run after reformPages.. will move back to doc when scmw->deletepage2 has been moved and reorganised.  
4614 5984d 23h fschmid / Fixed Bug #3192  
4613 5985d 00h cbradney / Change include lines to "" from <>.  
4612 5985d 00h fschmid / Fixed Bug #3212  

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