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4746 5763d 04h cbradney / #697: Ctrl+Home/End for start/end of frame. Ctrl+Up/Down for start/end of paragraph.  
4745 5763d 08h avox / Found out the cause of misplaced objects: without -sTextAlphaBits=4 the exporter
thinks it's working on a 1pt x 1pt raster and rounds. An alpha device is not
needed to make this work, nullpage is ok.
4744 5763d 11h fschmid / First part of fixing #3239, on screen it works only for the cairo build.  
4743 5763d 12h cbradney / #2335: Stop cursor flickering in edit mode  
4742 5763d 14h fschmid / Fixed bug #3240.  
4741 5763d 20h avox / Accidentally checked in a version without tricky kerning support.  
4740 5763d 20h avox / Better accuracy for text import  
4739 5763d 23h tsoots / Make multiple duplicate a single undo action  
4738 5764d 00h cbradney / -First part of adding m_Doc to page
-Make a ScribusDoc::changed() member instead of emitting changed() directly. This means the doc sets modified locally first, so we can remove this from other places.
-First part of adding emit empty() from selection if all items are removed from the GUI selection instance.
4737 5764d 00h tsoots / Use m_Doc in pageitem  
4736 5764d 01h tsoots / Master page items' undo/redo now works no matter where done.  
4735 5764d 01h fschmid / The Kivio Stencil reader is now almost complete.
You can save now single Objects from the Scrapbook by dragging them onto a Konquerer window.
Scrapbook now remembers the opened tabs.
Currently disabled the "Read-Only" indicator as is doesn't work reliably, randomly indicates "Read-Only" for writeable dirs and vice-versa.
4734 5764d 04h cbradney / Bump build date  
4733 5764d 08h avox / Fix bug with filename clashes in image import  
4732 5764d 09h fschmid / Rewrote the Stencil importer so that it doesn't need an open Doc anymore.  
4731 5764d 09h subik / #3290: ParagraphStyles are not always alphabetically listed  
4730 5764d 10h subik / noneString removed (scribus.h touched). I'm crossing fingers it will behave correctly...  
4729 5764d 10h subik / tr(None) commented context. All nones related to Color (=the same meaning) moved into CommonStrings  
4728 5764d 12h tsoots / ite->oldItem  
4727 5764d 12h cbradney / Reduce master page mode code for Tsoots  

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