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4767 5756d 21h mrdocs / updates  
4766 5756d 22h mrdocs / update with new ML search engine and links  
4765 5757d 02h cbradney / #3297: Fixed not setting of currentpage after the target master was set.  
4764 5757d 03h cbradney / Remove some qdebugs  
4763 5757d 05h subik / mrb's typo fixes  
4762 5757d 05h subik / 2nd part of #3296 - user input is now checked by simple regexps (not perfect, I have to study more). It is not allowed to create BCD when is "something wrong".  
4761 5757d 05h cbradney / #316: Allow creation and resize in any direction. Seems generally ok, although theres a lot of code to reduce in this area of code. Shape "shadow" is drawn in wrong dir when flipping dir until mouse released but thats an issue with all this repeated code.  
4760 5757d 10h subik / first part of #3296 - BCDG breaks layout + updated comments in PS importer (what the params realloy do)  
4759 5757d 18h cbradney / Updated ts, po, qm, pot and pro files  
4758 5757d 18h cbradney / #3298: pt_BR translation update  
4757 5757d 18h cbradney / Apply #250 to general rotation too  
4756 5757d 19h cbradney / -Bump about date  
4755 5757d 19h cbradney / Remove a qdebug, add a comment and qround to int that having warnings.  
4754 5757d 19h cbradney / #250: Constrain line creation/rotation by 15�� with Control Button.  
4753 5757d 21h cbradney / Fix radian usage of sin/cos  
4752 5757d 22h avox / Fix some gcc4 errors  
4751 5757d 22h cbradney / Patch from jghali for #3239 and more.  
4750 5757d 22h cbradney / Initial commit for degree snapping when drawing lines. Draws off before letting go of mouse.. no post creation code yet. Share and fix :)  
4749 5757d 23h avox / Using some of the shiny new accessors in StoryText  
4748 5758d 06h fschmid / Fixed #3239 for the libart build now too, Jean should look now if its possible to fix that too for GDI  

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